Delegate Anthony Bailey brings further legal complaint for defamation against the Mail on Sunday

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April 29, 2016
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July 12, 2016

St John’s, 11 July 2016. Anthony Bailey, OBE, Delegate for the Caribbean of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George, is to pursue a formal legal complaint through Carter-Ruck solicitors against the Mail on Sunday, in relation to an article published in the print and online editions of the newspaper on 10 July 2016 under the heading: “Stop posing as a knight, Palace warns ‘Baroness Brazen’ sidekick as commonwealth chief’s crony uses Antiguan title on his Ascot badge” written by Ned Donovan.

False claims concerning Anthony Bailey’s use of his titular knighthood granted by the Crown in right of Antigua and Barbuda are already the subject of a formal legal complaint.

The true position is that the Delegate has sought for over a year and a half to clarify the position with UK authorities concerning the formal use of Commonwealth Realms awards granted by the Queen or her representative the Governor General to dual nationals who operate within British jurisdiction.  In a letter dated 19 August 2015, the Deputy Private Secretary to The Queen, Edward Young, confirmed: “The Queen has been pleased to grant you Unrestricted permission to wear the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Nation which was conferred upon you by the Governor-General of Antigua and Barbuda. I understand that the question of the use of the title Sir in relation to this award is currently under consideration”.

On 1 June 2016 the London Gazette published a statement that provided the long awaited and welcome clarification concerning the formal use by dual nationals of the above awards in the UK, and the Delegate has taken all necessary steps in what concerns UK jurisdiction to comply with this.

In a statement, the Delegate said: “The allegations that have been made by the Mail on Sunday are totally unfounded, and are now the subject of a legal complaint for defamation. I will continue to take such steps as may be appropriate to seek full vindication in respect of these scurrilous and unfounded claims.” 

The Delegate has been awarded several national and international honours in recognition of his professional, inter-faith and charitable work. Where required, HM The Queen has granted him Unrestricted Permission to accept and wear each award. HM Government of Antigua and Barbuda awarded a national Knighthood in 2014 and HM Government of Grenada awarded a national Knighthood in 2015 to  Anthony Bailey which entitle him to use the prefix ‘Sir’ should he wish to in both countries and internationally according to local  protocol rules. In the UK for example the formal use of titular prefixes authorised under the statutes of some Commonwealth Realm honours held by dual nationals are not formally permitted within British jurisdiction since 1 June 2016.

As an Irish national, the Government of Ireland has approved the use and acceptance by Anthony Bailey of the titular Knighthoods in Ireland granted to him by the Crown in right of Antigua and Barbuda and of Grenada pursuant to Article 40.2.2. of the Constitution of Ireland.

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