Constantinian Order’s Caribbean Delegation issues statement refuting false claims published in Antigua’s Daily Observer entitled ‘Catholic Order disowns honours awards to Caribbean leaders’

St John’s, August 2016. In a response to an article published in the online edition of The Daily Observer on 24 August 2016 under the heading ‘Catholic Order disowns honours awards to Caribbean leaders’, the following statement has been issued by the Delegation for the Caribbean of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St George:

“The Constantinian Order is a well known and internationally recognised Roman Catholic Order of Knighthood which together with the Royal Order of Francis I are committed to charitable, humanitarian and inter-religious activities. Its Grand Magistry is headquartered in Rome and is the seat of its Grand Master HRH The Duke of Castro and other senior officers such as the Grand Chancellor and the Cardinal Grand Prior Renato Raffaele Martino. Any suggestion to the contrary is fanciful and without foundation. 

“The Delegate for the Caribbean Anthony Bailey has for over 17 years served the Order as a member and officer at a local, national, regional and international level and this continues to this day.

“The scurrilous and muck-raking campaign unleashed by the British tabloid newspaper Mail on Sunday against some officers and members of the Constantinian Order, may have encouraged a handful of individuals with very questionable motivations to undermine and damage the worthy charitable and inter-religious projects undertaken by the Order in Antigua & Barbuda and regionally.  

“The statement made by this group based in Madrid and others are without foundation and bear no resemblance to reality.”

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